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Summer Evening Couple's Photoshoot | Dallas, TX

In June I moved from Denver, CO to Dallas, Tx. Once had I moved, I kept driving past these little fields full of greenery on the way to my boyfriend's house (whadup boo), and they were those little areas that make you turn your head as you pass because they look a little bit like the setting for a storybook- like someone could lay in the grass and daydream for hours, or the trees would shimmer once you stepped inside them in just the right light. (Keep in mind, in actuality they are just little pieces of nature inside friendly neighborhoods, but hey, photographers are kind of always thinking in fairytales).

I finally asked the trusty users of the internet if anyone would be interested in modeling for me, and one of my sweet brides, (hi Layne!), suggested her friends who are in the area. I asked them to come hang out with me for an evening, and it turns out THEY WERE THE PERFECT PEOPLE FOR THE JOB.

Seriously, Molly & Travis are easy to talk to from the moment you meet them and they are are always poised to laugh. I showed up with a few photo props for us to use throughout the night, and we got to the fun part!

First I brought along a cheap and fun prop that I had been dreaming about incorporating for a while- bubbles! The dollar store genuinely never disappoints.

After these two got comfy in front of the camera, we put the props away hung out among the flowers for a while and enjoyed the sunset. I asked them about their story, learned what they do and was able to see their personalities come out even more. The way Travis looked at Molly made the air feel electric, and we sunk deeper into the sweetness of the evening.

During the middle of our session, I brought out some bottled Dr. Peppers (Texas, baby), and the three of us cooled off- (mostly these two were just goofy while I giggled from behind the camera).

To wear off the sugar high and wrap up the evening, I pulled out a polaroid and some glow-sticks.

All in all- one of the best evenings of the summer. Cheers to new friends in new places.

With all joy,


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