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Moody Couples Photoshoot | Dallas, TX

Since moving to Dallas, I've met some of the absolute sweetest photographer friends. I was lucky enough to meet Abby Shadle (@abbyshadlephoto) just a few weeks before HER wedding (which means now she's Abby Collins- woop woop!). Abby is such a kind, goofy, easy-to-love soul, and I knew she and her boo would be such fun clients to have in front of my camera!

The day we got to shoot, the weather reallyyy chose a mood- and that mood was dreary. The sky was dark and overcast (and you know the light diffusion was incredible). The air was wet with the remnants of a downpour and the general feel of the place seemed sleepy to the naked eye.

Ahh, but my eyes are never naked! (How embarrassing). I looked at this landscape and couldn't help but FEEL what it had to offer. The perfect foundation for big emotions and epic adventures.

I also love the way different light messes with the colors of your photos. I've never minded much when I can't get that "golden hour" glow naturally, sometimes the landscape tells me what the mood of the photos needs to be and that's that- God is an artist himself and I like to let him do his thing.

After we assessed the landscape before us, Abby, Ben & I set out to capture some magic on our own private little "beach". I'll stop talking now and share some of that magic.

I love documenting details always always, and this shoot was no different. There are so many things unsaid in the touch of a hand to the face, the way the water reaches for your ankles, and the the quiet sigh of leaning into one another.

I loved capturing these sweet newlyweds in their fire and quiet moments.

All in all, I give this session a *chefs kiss*

Love is golden baby.

With all joy,



Abby's work:


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