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Magical Golden Hour Session in Fort Collins

Hi hi!

I recently had an amazing opportunity to work with and learn from someone who has been such an inspiration to me in this business- @MacyFrances!

Macy's warm shooting style and evident love for Jesus and for people have had my attention since I started doing photography. I JUMPED at the chance to learn from AND shoot with her.

(not to mention her friends are GORGEOUS and are always welcome on the front side of my camera.)

Getting the opportunity to shoot alongside Macy had me in awe- have you ever stood beside someone who inspires you and DONE INSPIRING WORK NEXT TO THEM?! It was surreal for me. I was definitely fan-girling... no shame.

This was my first time investing in education from another professional since I started this business, and let me tell you- IT IS WORTH IT. It is so worth it to invest in yourself! I was always putting it off, thinking I could learn everything myself, but WOW it is amazing to gain from other people's wisdom when given the chance.

There were things we discussed that it was just simply helpful to get another person's perspective on, creative ways of thinking I wouldn't have touched before our session, and stories we got to swap that helped us encourage and boost one another.

In a creative industry, it's so important that we encourage one another and spur each other on. I know for me sometimes it's hard to want others to succeed as much as I do- but I have to take a look around and realize this industry is HUGE and definitely big enough for all of us trying to make it here! I also have to remember that success and recognition of another creative/small-business owner opens up the door for recognition of my own work!

All of this being said- YOU are worth the investment, those around you are worth the encouragement, and the people you look up to are worth taking a chance to meet!

Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy these lovely shots from this glowing golden hour masterpiece.

With all joy,

Chandler J

Featured on: @Annigrahampresets, @Snazzylovers, @twosecretvows, @elopementlove

Macy's work:

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