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Honeymoon session in Breckenridge

Cole + Tanya reached out to me a couple of months ago wanting to do a shoot on their honeymoon to Breck because they are both from Florida and- GET THIS- had NEVER SEEN SNOW BEFORE!

Oh, and did I mention how cool they are? They're both DETECTIVES and both on the SWAT TEAM?! Needless to say, I felt safe around them due to their personalities AND their day-jobs.

These two spent their honeymoon snowmobiling, snowboarding, and soaking in all things new to them while starting this chapter together.

I even got to be there the first time they went sledding, built a snowman, and had a snowball fight?! This job is such a gift.

Cole + Tanya love wildly. They are fun, full of life, always looking for the next adventure. I was so grateful to meet them and honestly sad to leave my time with them (however, it was basically 0 degrees out and I had not chosen the correct pants for the day, so you gotta do what ya gotta do sometimes).

I hope you can feel the fire that they have looking through these photos.

With all joy,

Chandler J.

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