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Dreamy Colorado Outdoor Wedding

Updated: Nov 5, 2019

Ahh this wedding! Sarah and Nick are such a sweet couple and it was so evident at their wedding how well they have loved the people in their life. They were surrounded by friends and family who were just as excited about this marriage as they were.

Sarah's stunning BHLDN gown had alllll my attention. (Seriously, for a while it was just me and the gown hanging out until I realized I should probably get some shots of the gorgeous PEOPLE as well. Whoops.)

These two were wed on the grounds of a gorgeous camp in Elbert, CO. When I asked them what words they wanted to be brought to mind when they remembered their day, they said "whimsy, renewal, and laughter". Are these people even real? I love them.

I met Sarah originally because I had taken engagement photos for her sister + soon-to-be-brother-in-law (who has been a friend since HIGH SCHOOL). HIGH SCHOOL PEOPLE. Life really does the full circle thing, isn't it funny?

Needless to say,

Sarah and Nick's day blew me away. They were absolutely glowing. From the ultimate frisbee pre-ceremony, to serving their guests communion, every one of their actions showed just how well they care for their people- even on their own wedding day! It is truly an honor to do what I do and to get to see Christ's love for people lived out on a dreamy wedding day.

"For the glory of God and the joy of His people."

With all joy,

Chandler J

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