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Welcome to my website! It's always nice to have visitors- so sit down. Pour yourself a margarita. This is as close as we can get to hanging out until we become real-life friends.

I believe with my whole heart that you are art- and so is your love story. I want your memories to be captured in a way that takes you right back to that moment- dancing in the circle of all your friends, being held at the altar by the love of you life, champagne flowing over your fingertips as you toast to forever.

A bit about me- I love chai tea, if you mention a Harry Potter or New Girl quote- I will be your biggest fan (it's that easy)- and I am an avid campaigner for celebrating more things than is socially acceptable. My career was born in the mountains and is continually inspired by vast landscapes and boundless love stories.

My goal is for you to leave the time we spend together feeling like you have been loved well, and like you were comfortably yourself in front of my camera.


The aim of my work is to reflect Christ's love for humanity.




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